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Wow! 10/10 would recommend this podcast. The TryingIsBeing crew provides GREAT insight into the daily struggles that most entrepreneurs face. I’m pretty new to the TryingIsBeing community but I’ve already binged 1/2 of their episodes. As a newbie to business these guys have taught me about a range of subjects including the value of SEO, productivity, and creating a personal brand. I would like to give the whole TryingIsBeing crew a huge thank you for creating such a supportive community and for producing A+ content for free. You guys are killing it. Keep it up! 🙌

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    "With a sprinkle of charm and a bucket full of practical wisdom, "Trying Is Being" is a radiant beacon of motivation for entrepreneurs. Grounded in a deeply relatable sense of humanity, it’s a newsletter that helps you put your anxieties to rest by reminding you of what truly matters.

    Arno, the mastermind behind “Trying is Being”, finds a way to connect with the reader on a profoundly personal level. His humility, light-hearted demeanor, and insights offer a clear lens through which to view our own challenges and triumphs.

    Whether you're an aspiring creator or simply a human trying to navigate this wild world, this fun, and insightful read has a relatable morsel for everyone."

    Vickie Velasquez

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      In our relentless pursuit of success, we’ve been conditioned to believe that setting goals is the key to unlocking our desired future. Countless frameworks and methodologies promise to guide us along this path, urging us to chart our course towards distant milestones. Yet, we often overlook a critical

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      I think I may have figured out the meaning of life. Or at the very least an uplifting way to look at life when faced with challenges. ​ It is part of human nature to label things. We all do it and it seems to be an

    • Promoting yourself without shame

      This one is personal, plain and simple. Very few challenges on my self-employment journey are to persistent and tough as self promotion. But, there is hope for us! As someone who struggles with self-promotion, I’ve looked at various approaches, particularly online. I’ve identified three main types of promotion,