Our coaching is a force for good. Here’s what our clients say about it.

Warren Day

Arno has always supported me as a creator, even helping me land customers for my SaaS business.

It feels great to find other people like Arno on this journey.

Indie Masterminds

After talking to Arno, I found tremendous clarity and courage around pricing and the kind of value I'm offering.

Arjen Stens
BlackRiver Tech

Arno is someone who does not shy away from difficult problems, but grabs it with both hands and turns it into an opportunity.

Additionally, he is honest about the struggles that come with it and can put difficult subjects into words. You do not always see that honesty/openness in our favorite internet gurus and it is refreshing.

He is an excellent personal mentor for anyone who is dealing with a difficult (business) problem.

HR Spark

During a difficult period, I expressed my frustration on Twitter regarding the challenges I faced in finding a perfect equilibrium between my work on side projects and growing my Twitter following.

Thankfully, Arno stepped in to help. We quickly scheduled a call, and he provided me with valuable guidance and advice to navigate the situation.

Initially, I had doubts about how he could assist me, but it became evident that Arno had extensive experience in mentoring entrepreneurs, surpassing even my own.

As a result of our conversation, I left feeling reenergized, optimistic, and equipped with the knowledge necessary to achieve the balance I had been seeking.

José Hulzebosch
Store owner

Arno is calm and really takes the time to listen to you and then helps you. For example, by helping to prepare a difficult conversation I now feel strong and confident going into a conversation.

Arsen Yeremin
Software Engineer

I reflect on working with Arno with fond memories. When I began to work with him over 10 years ago his contribution to my personal and technical growth was like a springboard for my software development career.

He is the right person for your company regardless of what business it is because he has the right attitude.

He will make people around him grow as was the case with me.

He is one of those extraordinary people you meet from time to time.

Fabio Vidigal

If there is one thing that stood out the most, it is how Arno asks powerful, insightful, and constructive questions.

Janny Kerkdijk

I can wholeheartedly recommend Arno’s work. He knows his business but is above all a beautiful, committed and social person.

Rick van Es
Agile coach

I have had the opportunity to work alongside Arno Jansen for several years and have experienced with how much passion and pleasure he can share knowledge. Entertaining learning!

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