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What other people are saying

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“Thought provoking, life affirming, catalyst for self improvement.”

“Trying Is Being is grounding and inspiring, regularly reminding me to keep the focus on what matters the most in my life and make the most of my time. 

It’s easy to feel isolated as an entrepreneur, but each authentically written article feels like an “AH HA!” coaching session.”

Rebecca Kittel

Arsen Yeremin

“His contribution to my personal and technical growth was like a springboard for my software development career.”

“Arno is one of those extraordinary people you meet from time to time.”

Arsen Yeremin
Software Engineer

Jose Hulzebosch

“I feel I have gotten to know myself a lot better. My confidence has also improved greatly. I now dare to enter into situations that I used to walk away from!”

“Arno is calm and really takes the time to listen to you and then helps you.”

José Hulzebosch
Business Owner

“Trying is Being is a grounded, practical, and often-entertaining newsletter that I truly enjoy consuming. Arno has a way of connecting with his readers through humility, insight, and sharing lessons applicable to aspiring creators and humans alike.”

” I love his somewhat antithetical approach to sharing advice on topics around personal and professional development (see the “How I set DUMB goals instead of SMART ones” issue). It’s refreshing, honest, valuable, yet light-hearted.  A perfect weekly read to inspire creators, challenge their limiting beliefs, and help them break through the status quo on the way to achieving their individual goals.”

Mike “Bagel” Barugel
Live Your Values
Blog | Podcast

Rick van Es

“I have had the opportunity to work alongside Arno Jansen for several years and have experienced with how much passion and pleasure he can share knowledge. Entertaining learning!”

Rick van Es
Agile Coach

Janny Kerkdijk

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Arno’s work. He knows his business but is above all a beautiful, committed and social person.”

Janny Kerkdijk
Management Assistant

Arjen Stens

“Arno is honest about the struggles that come with it and can put difficult subjects into words. You do not always see that honesty and openness in our favourite internet gurus and it is refreshing.”

“He is an excellent personal mentor for anyone who is dealing with a difficult (business) problem.

Arno does not shy away from a difficult problem, but grabs it with both hands and turns it into an opportunity.”

Arjen Stens
Black River Tech

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    "With a sprinkle of charm and a bucket full of practical wisdom, "Trying Is Being" is a radiant beacon of motivation for entrepreneurs. Grounded in a deeply relatable sense of humanity, it’s a newsletter that helps you put your anxieties to rest by reminding you of what truly matters.

    Arno, the mastermind behind “Trying is Being”, finds a way to connect with the reader on a profoundly personal level. His humility, light-hearted demeanor, and insights offer a clear lens through which to view our own challenges and triumphs.

    Whether you're an aspiring creator or simply a human trying to navigate this wild world, this fun, and insightful read has a relatable morsel for everyone."

    Vickie Velasquez

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      This one is personal, plain and simple. Very few challenges on my self-employment journey are to persistent and tough as self promotion. But, there is hope for us! As someone who struggles with self-promotion, I’ve looked at various approaches, particularly online. I’ve identified three main types of promotion,

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