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    Arno, the mastermind behind “Trying is Being”, finds a way to connect with the reader on a profoundly personal level. His humility, light-hearted demeanor, and insights offer a clear lens through which to view our own challenges and triumphs.

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    Vickie Velasquez

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    • Direction over Goals

      In the past week, I’ve had enlightening conversations with a few of of you that filled out my “product pitch” survey. Surprisingly to me, I came across a recurring theme in those conversations; The struggle, challenge or frustration with setting goals.

    • Against Hustle Culture: Why slowing down will propel you forward

      I’ve been thinking a lot about the balance between goals and vision VS day to day enjoyment. In a world that glorifies the hustle, the idea of working non-stop to achieve success has become a mantra for many. But I’d like to share a few thoughts against this

    • How to say no politely

      Ever wondered how to wield that two-letter powerhouse, “no”? In this article you will learn how to say no politely and with grace and confidence. In this guide, I’m going to walk you through the art of saying no politely and why mastering this skill can be a

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