As a solo entrepreneur, you are the boss. That is amazing.

You are also your best employee. And your worst.

There is nobody telling you what to do, what to work on, or telling you you did a good job.

Personal leadership is essential for for you as a (solo) entrepreneur, to run your business well and enjoy it.

Personal leadership is the process of taking ownership of your own life, development and business. Personal leadership helps you actively shape your own future.

“Trying is Being” exists to help you become your best boss and employee:

Some of the topics we help you with are:

  • Self-awareness and self-management
  • Defining a vision for your life and your business
  • Setting and working towards your goals
  • Decision making in alignment with your values and vision
  • Problem-solving and adapting to change
  • Authentic and effective communication
  • Build meaningful relationships

My name is Arno Jansen and I help independent workers become their best selves through training, coaching and community.

Why focus on solo entrepreneurs?

Creators, independent entrepreneurs and bootstrappers have the power to make the world a better place! A lot of good can come from people who are working on their own terms, to make a living doing work they find meaningful. I am here to help them.

Hard skills & Soft Human skills

Hard skills are the skills you need to do your job. Human skills are the skills you need to be a better human. If you can master both, you will thrive. (according to Simon Sinek)

While there is a treasure trove of content, free and paid, on the hard skills required to working independently online, I feel there is not enough on the mental, emotional, human side of things. Trying is Being is here to change that.

This site explores ways to apply lessons from behavioural science to your life as an independent entrepreneur.

Personal growth from the ups and downs of independence

Independence and autonomy are big motivating factors for any independent online worker. The freedom and flexibility to work the way you work best on topics that make you come alive, are possibly the biggest upsides to this way of working.

The downside is that we spend a lot of time in our heads. We bounce around from overly excited and motivated to intense bouts of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. We strive for consistency or struggle to put ourselves out there.

It comes with the job. But we don’t have to suffer from it. Instead, we can use the ups and downs as signals to keep us on the right track.

Trying Is Being provides you with the tools to help you find your One Major Goal , make it LOFTY and start working towards it, while enjoying the work you do today.

Your host, Arno Jansen
Your host, Arno Jansen

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    "With a sprinkle of charm and a bucket full of practical wisdom, "Trying Is Being" is a radiant beacon of motivation for entrepreneurs. Grounded in a deeply relatable sense of humanity, it’s a newsletter that helps you put your anxieties to rest by reminding you of what truly matters.

    Arno, the mastermind behind “Trying is Being”, finds a way to connect with the reader on a profoundly personal level. His humility, light-hearted demeanor, and insights offer a clear lens through which to view our own challenges and triumphs.

    Whether you're an aspiring creator or simply a human trying to navigate this wild world, this fun, and insightful read has a relatable morsel for everyone."

    Vickie Velasquez

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